Parallel Agency

Parallel Agency

Parallel Agency is a creative team that started in 2018. They work on bringing to life a variety of ideas in unusual forms: social projects, concerts, merchandising, comics… But all Parallel Agency's projects are united by one thing — the desire to build bridges between the universes.

Maxim Chumin

Maxim Chumin is an entrepreneur and art director. Since the age of fifteen he has worked as a pop culture journalist. And in 2015 he opened a comic book publishing house Parallel Comics along with his partners. After many years of working with comics, doing art projects and making acquaintances with contemporary rap artists, he opened Moscow-based Parallel Agency.

Anya Tarasova

Anya Tarasova is a comicbook artist. At the moment, she is getting her degree in Architecture. From the very beginning to this day she lives in the small town of Saransk, which really defines her as a person. Also, she's subordinate to her cat that goes by the name Cat (because things should be called as what they are).